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Corporate Social Responsibility

Collège Vert du Québec

Since 2010, LaSalle College has been Collège Vert du Québec-certified, which is an ENvironment JEUnesse initiative. The mission of this organization is to encourage the development of environmental awareness and critical thinking in young people so that they take civic action toward a sustainable future.

Since 2013, with the help of the Environment Committee, LaSalle College has held the Level of Excellence. This is the highest level of certification and is based on the principle of continuous improvement.

Fondation de la mode de Montréal

LaSalle College supports the Fondation de la mode de Montréal, which holds a benefit gala each year during which the graduates of the LaSalle College Fashion Design program present a spectacular fashion show. Additionally, LaSalle College’s International School of Hotel Management & Tourism graduates are very involved in the event, from preparing meals to providing service to the 1,300 attendees.

Created in 1989, the goal of the Fondation de la mode de Montréal, a nonprofit charity, is to encourage training and research for the next generation in the fashion industry and to stimulate creativity and help Montreal to position itself on the international stage by offering higher education scholarships and apprenticeships to graduates of Quebec fashion programs.


In 2016, LaSalle College partnered with Academos to launch the Polychrome campaign. Its goal is to encourage the development of the Quebec fashion industry’s future generation by explaining its practices and presenting the inspiring and non-traditional career paths of some of its graduates.

For 16 years, Academos has helped young people between the ages of 14 and 30 find the vocation they are passionate about through cyber mentoring. On their platform, young people have the opportunity to network with experts from different professional, educational and community backgrounds. Using Polychrome, LaSalle College would like to highlight the accessibility and potential of the Quebec fashion industry and has allowed Academos to develop a bank of mentors from this industry.

Exporting Canadian education

The Grappe métropolitaine de la mode is an organization whose actions aim to identify the challenges of the Quebec fashion industry and to find solutions to favor its growth, make it more competitive and make it shine on the world stage.

Mr. Claude Marchand, President and Executive Director of the LCI Education network, is the co-president of the mmode Workforce Forum, which aims to train the next generation in fashion according to the needs and concerns of the industry. As for Mr. François Bousquet, Director of LaSalle College’s International School of Fashion, Arts, and Design, he is an observing member of the Grappe métropolitaine de la mode.

Montréal Relève

Each summer, LaSalle College participates in Student Business, Montréal Relève initiative that enables high school students to discover career options by completing a one-week internship in a college-level institution. During this short experience in the heart of LaSalle College, young participants are immersed in tourism, hotel management and cooking as well as education, by participating in many activities prepared just for them by the instructors.