Facilities, Materials & Support

Our Facilities

Our facilities are modern and well-equipped to support you to successfully learn English!

  • Spacious classrooms filled with natural light equipped with data projectors
  • Free access to computers connected to the internet
  • WIFI
  • Student common area equipped with microwaves, fridges and vending machines for all students
Learning resources and Materials

All students will be provided with text books upon commencement. A range of class texts, Audios, DVD’s, Internet based resources, as well as other print and audio texts are used in class to promote learning.

  • Library
  • Extra optional classes
  • EnhancedTV Direct
Academic Support

At Fusion English, a range of academic support is available:

  • If a student is struggling academically, they are able to talk with the Academic Manager and a unique study plan is devised for that student
  • If a student feels the level allocated is too difficult or not challenging enough, they are encouraged to talk to the current teacher and the Academic Manager to discuss options
  • Teachers give students detailed feedback on a weekly basis
  • Tests are given weekly to assess all 4 skills
  • A wide array of homework options are available to cater for the needs of each student
  • Each student has an Academic File where their work is stored and marked
  • An oral interview is conducted with each student in Weeks 1, 5 and 10 of the Term
  • We have a unique online learning community where students can learn at their own pace